28 July 2011

Majorca - Cove of Moro

Cove of Moro
In this years I've discovered the beaches and coves of Majorca, and perhaps Cove of Moro (Caló des Moro) is the nicest I've met. Transparent and turquoise waters, flirty, white sand, nestled in a tranquil and unique natural landscape.
To arrive cove is a bit difficult, there are no signs and it's a little hidden.
From Palma we go on the motorway from airport to Santanyi. We continue to address Llombards. There are one roundabout before arrive to village, in this point we continue to address Cala Llombards.

Cove of Moro by car
When we arrive at Cala Llombards, appear a sign on the left indicating "Cala Llombards". At this point we turn right, then first right (there are a sign on the ground indicating "cala S'Almunia).We continue straight and turn left at first paved street (about 150 m.). At the end of street is Caló des Moro street, we had to turn left,  we parked the car and we continued walking.
Cove of Moro
Before down the 120 steps, there is a poster with information from both coves: cove of Moro and cove S'Almunia.
After down the stairs, we found a stone cove on our right (Cala S'Almunia) and 4 houses on the left. We went to the houses, and we turned left at dirt road.
Do not think that has already completed the journey. At the end of dirt road, we needed down about 20 m. to arrive the little beach.

Walk to Cove of moro

If you have time, I suggest a little hiking around the cliffs to arrive at Cove of Moro. The route is approximately 1 hour long and views you will discover during the walk are stunning and you will keep in memory forever.
When we arrived at Cala Llombards, we continued straight on the road until look a banned sign. At this point the road becomes a dirt road. We parked the car and we began the route.
Cliffs of Cove Llombards
We continued walking to the sea, until a vertical cliff of 30 meters above the sea.
The "raons" is a tipical fish from Majorca, and all the sea was dotted with "Llauds Mallorquines" (tipical ships of the Island). This vision turned out to be a curious photo.  
At this point we turned right and we continued by trail that runs along the cliffs, providing wonderful views. 
At some point, the trail descends to cross a gully. You can enjoy beatiful view of Cove of Moro on the left. The cove is nestled among rocks and pines.
It is a small ravine, where the road hides in the bushes and we must be careful not to miss.
After cross  this ravine, we came to a stone cove, where there are boats on the rock. In this place, when the rising tide, the cavities of the rock are filled with water forming natural pools. 
Cove of Moro
After this cove, we began to climb up the cliff by a dirt way. At the end of the way is Des Castellet street, we turned left by a dirt path that runs along the cliff.
From this point we can enjoy a top view of Cove of Moro.
After about 10 minutes away and after seeing the cove from the top, we arrived at a paved street, we turned left and at the end of the street is the beginning of the 120 down steps to get to Cove S'Almunia and of Moro.

If you go to Cove of Moro, I hope you have a pleasant crossing, and you enjoy its surroundings.

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27 July 2011

Majorca - Cove Varques

Cove Varques
The east of the island hidens one of the most beautiful beaches of Majorca: Cove Varques. This place is enough nice to appear on this corner. 

The beach is of white sand and crystalline turquoise waters. It's of reducced dimensions and access is a bit difficult for outsiders. This beach is outside normal tourist circuit.

To arrive to this cove, you have to go by road from Porto Colom to Portocristo. After the indication Cove Magraner, be careful, you have to turn right in the first dirt road. You do not worry if first you fail to find the way, I found it after three try. Once on the dirt road and after 200 or 300 m, you park the car on side and continue walking.
From parking to the cove is 15 or 20 minutes. You have to follow the dirt road to the end. You will find a locked door with a padlock and chain, and if you push the door will open the gap enough to cross.  
Cove Varques
From this point until to arrive cove, you have to follow a down path between bushes and scrub. When 
When you arrive at the end of the path , you will find "Cove Varques".
If you're luky (or misfortune, depending how you look), you can find 6 or 7 cows lounging in the beach  (respect the animals, they are in their habitat. if you don't bother them, they don't bother you). This is one of the highlights of this visit.
I recommend that until you find a place to drop the towel, be attentive to the "dung" cow on the ground, but you will be lucky for the rest of the year.

From here, you have to discover the rest of the place ...


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20 July 2010

Salamanca - The Mountains of France

The Pig

Today we visit the most important places of The Mountains of France - Batuecas in southern Salamanca (Castilla Leon - Spain).  Mountains, valleys, charming villages, hiking, spectacular views and good food (here we can apply the famous proverb: "all pig is used"). 

Our first stop were the village of Sequeros.
At  beginning of the village you can see a sign that leads to "the cross" viewpoint. There are beautiful views over the valley. 
Continue the route, and we parked the car in the centre of the village, and we began to walk to chapel of "Robledo". It is a ten minutes walk, during you can see the town, with cobbled streets and houses with wooden balconies. At  the end of the village you can find the chapel of "Humilladero". It is located in the middle of the way, we left the chapel on the right and continue until we find the chapel of Robledo. 
Sequeros - Chapel of "Robledo"
At the door of the chapel was "Isi" to show us. We started admiring the coffered ceiling, we continued along the altar, where was the Virgin of the Good Milk and ending at the back, in the chapel of the relics. Here are stored the relics of Juana Hernandez (the girl who prophesied the existence of the Virgin of the Rock of France) and Simon Vela discoverer of the stature of the Virgin of Rock of France. 
Finally, we went up to the choir to see better the coffered, highly recommended. In addition, "Isi" played us a little song with his harmonica. 

Sanctuary in the Rock of France 
Sanctuary of the Rock of France
After Sequeros, we went to the Rock of France, a sacred place since ancient times. The road is twisting around the mountain to reach 1723 meters, where we find the Sanctuary of Virgin of the Rock of France. 
From the top you have wondefull views. 
One of the main features of the virgin is that it is Black, one of the few that are of this type. 
Also we went down to the cave where there is a image of the Virgin, visited the sundial, down the stairs there are around and admire the views from the natural landscapes found there. 

La Alberca 
After lowering of the Rock of France, we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called "The Casarito". We ate roast kid with thyme. We were invited to return and repeat. 
La Alberca
There are two things that we were impressed to visit this town: the originality of its streets and houses and the amount of deli. 
All houses are made of granite, stone and wooden beams, and many of them are full of flowers on their balconies. 
To end our visit we spent by the Church of Our Lady Assumption of Mary, where we highlight his pulpit of granite. 

Miranda del Castañar  
We continued our journey and a few miles we stopped at the viewpoint of the Goat, from where there are superb views of the natural park of The Mountains of France - Batuecas and at the background is Miranda del Castañar. 
After several miles we reached our final destination of the day: the town of Miranda del Castañar. 
We were walking through the streets, we visited the Castle and finally went at a viewpoint which enjoyed good views. 
Finally bought a bottle of "Ciripolen" (liquor of honey and royal jelly), seems to be very famous in this area. "The Shopkeeper" told us liquor properties, of course, including love. Our idea was to take a shot after the victory of the spanish football team.

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